The Virtue of Honey - Book

My brothers, I share this little book, from The Virtue of Honey Message, which was preached by Our Pastor on Sunday, June 14, 2015, which was transcribed for the Blessing of the Body of the Bride. I also share an excerpt from this Message:

"That is what is happening with many people today, they have not been educated enough, and they are coming out, but the nectar they bring is of very poor quality; They are not to blame for them, they have not lived long enough to recognize which is the nectar of good quality. They go and pick up from a sick plant and then the honey they bring is not unfeigned brotherly love; we are here? That is the power of honey. "

"Honey, only honey can hold the Word; Only brotherly love can contain the seventh seal. They listen? There is a sentence out there that says "you do not have to have love", do not you have to have love ?. Without love there is no seventh seal, without love there are not seven thunders, love retains the message, love retains the message, love makes us the deposit, in the tabernacle of the Holy Spirit, without love we are not the tabernacle. "

Credits (Scribes):

Brother Miguel Montalván

Sr. Perla Reyes

Sr. Dámaris Inoquio

Sr. Ana Montalván

Sr. Sara Montalván

Sr. Ambar Úgaz

Sr. Sara Revilla

You can see the Book in the following link (Only Spanish): Please enter Sermones, then to the books section.

We hope to be a blessing to your souls, May the Lord bless you ...

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