Testimony - Sis. Veronica Serrato

Dear brothers and sisters, May the Lord bless you, Grace and peace to you.

We want to share another testimony that occurred in the present month, in an earlier post we related the testimony of Health to our brother. Jorgin Sánchez, in this testimony we want to show the supernatural events that take our daily life without often giving it due importance, but above all to show that Our God is a present God, is the Great I Am, not a God of history nor a God Of the Future, a Living God showing in the simplicity of the Mystical Body of His Bride.


This Testimony corresponds to a supernatural event that resulted in the saving of the life of our sister Veronica Serrato, our sister a faithful Soldier of Our Lord. Jesus had many battles in his Life, illnesses and illnesses that God allowed to show him his true Objective and Mission in this land.


The event happened on February 11 at night, our sister was resting in her home in the city of Chiclayo, it was in those moments that the product of the high temperatures began to generate embarrassment and annoy you, feeling the "need "To take a shower, to go to his bathroom came with the" surprise "that there was no water, so I hope that the water was pumped to his tank and so bathe, and just at that moment I hear a" loud rumble " "And she said what will have happened? When she goes with her family she realizes that the roof of her bedroom had collapsed and buried her bed, because at that moment the Lord showed her how she had saved her life and that all these little ones Previous events were ordained by Him, so dear brothers and sisters, we see that hidden in our daily lives there is that little voice that goes to our mind and for which we often do not understand, we subtract importance, but that is often God is guarding our lives Or directing us.

 We hope that this small testimony has been of blessing and above all that it creates an awareness that the SUPERNATURAL is hidden in the small details of our Life Misunderstood .... God bless you, SHALOM.

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