Testimony - Brother Jorgin Sanchez

Dear Brothers and Sisters, we want to share this small testimony of our Brother Jorgin Sánchez's Health, we want to briefly relate his testimony and see how the Grace of Our God continues to work and keep his children.

On Wednesday, February 1, torrential rains were generated in our city of Chiclayo, this generated partial damage to many of our brothers' homes, which we congregated near the church. On that day, our brother was carrying out the removal of the waters that were generated Abundant ramps on his roof, along with his wife and daughters made constant work to avoid the flood of their dwelling, staying until dawn the next day, torrential rains continued until almost 4:30 a.m. on Thursday, February 2, then Our brother retired to rest indicating that he had a small headache, at the moment was when his wife and daughters noticed that our brother began to tremble and stammer, thus starting a picture of epilepsy, it is worth mentioning that our brother had already Predicted several years ago a picture of diabetes, this picture of epilepsy was aggravated, then his family alarmed called Our Shepherd Ever and other neighboring brothers, who helped quickly, taking him to the nearest hospital.

Already in the hospital his health picture began to become increasingly critical, to the point that I remain in a "diabetic coma," the family and brothers of the congregation to hear of this picture we bend our knees to ask Our Lord for his Life and above all waiting for his Holy Will, after this diagnosis the doctors mentioned to his family that if our brother did not react within 5 to 6 hours, they would disconnect him since his health is too delicate. This news generated a cry of his family and the congregation for our brother, one of his daughters told us that he had told the Lord that if his father came back to life, he only asked him to be different and if it was not that better Take it, but only the Will of the Lord.

As time went by, more than 6 hours passed, and the doctors' diagnoses turned out to be wrong. Several days later, the church and its family continued to pray constantly, until February 4, the miraculous news of That our brother had reacted from the diabetic coma and that he had regained his conscience perfectly, this news brought peace and above all gratitude to our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ, showing once more that he is watching over each one of his children. We hope that this testimony will be a blessing for their lives and believe that the Sanity is Real and through the Faith given by Our Lord becomes effective.

The Lord bless you.

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