Easter-Sunrise Service

Dear brothers, may the Lord bless you, we want to tell you that this Sunday, April 16, we will have a special service at dawn (6:00 am GTM -5) in which we will commemorate the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. : 30 am GTM -5), already in the afternoon (5:30 pm GTM -5) we will have our service of Santa Cena, each service will be transmitted, we invite you to share with us this special day and above all exalt the Name of Our Lord Jesus, we leave you with a quote from our prophet.

         50 And such was His death that the sun was ashamed of itself. Such was His death that even nature was ashamed and stopped working. The sun went down at noon. And the stars did not want to leave. Such was his death that the elements became so black that one could not even see his hand at noon. I guess nature said, "I'd rather die with Him."

     51 Brother! Then the devil threw His precious Soul into the abysses of hell. There the gates were opened, and He went out on the third day, having conquered it. Amen. "Your Seed shall possess the door of the enemy." He conquered death! He conquered hell. On that first Easter morning, He conquered the tomb. Today we stand, more than conquerors, through Him who loved us.

59-1108, Possessing the Gates of the Enemy

The Lord bless you. SHALOM

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