Travel Report to Guayaquil, Ecuador 2017

Dear brothers, we want to share with you a small report of our trip to the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, in which we visited the church of our brother Pastor Juan Cedeño, the days destined for the services were from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 Of February of the present year, for the accomplishment of these meetings our brothers leased a premises to 3 doors of its Church, property of the municipality of Guayaquil, the attention and the services of our brothers were of first, the group of men including our Pastor Ever Montalván, we stayed at the home of our brother Benito Gonzales and his wife Mercedes, while the group of young women were staying at the home of a young singer named Bethlehem.

The welcome and the love offered by our brothers were wonderful. On the first day, service began with the congregational prayers followed by special specials with letters that elevate our Faith and give entrance to the Word. The Lord used our pastor in a great way, bringing a Sequence of two Messages with the title "A Second Hand Mantle and a First Revelation", showing the present time in which we live and the promises assigned to the body of the Bride, knowing that our position is in type in the ministry Of Elisha and how God used the Ministry of the Bride to bring "Voice of the Archangel", by the grace of the Lord these messages brought Faith and Recognition to our brothers.

Already on Sunday, followed by the beautiful praises of the congregations and the special prayers of our brothers, our pastor finished "with a crown stone" the two previous preaching, speaking the theme "Modern Events are Enlightened by Prophecy" fully showing our promises and above all Recognizing the time in which we live and that all political and social movements show how late we are before we reach our "Climax", the ministry of The Word Spoken, Resurrection of the Saints and Change of Body, these promises brought Certainty in the hearts of our brothers and sisters, feeling a great atmosphere clearly perceiving the presence of the Angel of the Lord, our Lord Jesus Christ, we know that the effort and sacrifice of our brothers and sisters were rewarded in great way by our Lord, opening His Word and showing Through the types and continuity of the scriptures, our brothers were very grateful and we also feel very blessed by this great moment of fellowship. We hope that this small report will be a blessing to our brothers, if you want to see the services please click on the SERMONES view, there you will find the three services preached in the Tabernacle A New Dawn, also you can see the photo gallery.

The Lord bless you, SHALOM.

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