Prayer - Sis. Tamar Camacho

My precious brothers, I greet you in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to communicate to you and at the same time request your prayers for the health of the little Tamar Camacho, last daughter of Our Brothers Fredy and Milagros Camacho, who is hospitalized for problems in his Brain, which has caused convulsions and their state of health has been aggravated, but we know that within the Body of Christ there is virtue for any demon to be expelled, so I pray your prayers for this little girl, that through her prayers May be given Divine Healing in his little body, We know that the Prayer of the Just can do much.

Thank you infinitely for your prayers my precious brothers, a fraternal greeting in the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ, God bless you.

But ask with faith, not doubting anything; Because he who doubts is like the wave of the sea, which is drawn by the wind and thrown from one part to another. James 1:6

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