Mother's Day

Dear brothers and sisters, we wish to wish every sister, mother and wife of the world a happy "Mother's Day", knowing the privilege, gift and responsibility that Our God placed in them, to guide us, protect us and keep us in our childhood, Youth and maturity, knowing that Great Ministry that only our Lord entrusted to them, we hope that God blesses them to bless their hearts and above all knowing the promises in effect given by Our Lord to our Prophet, Lord bless them mamas of this dear Message, I share this little excerpt from the message "Mother's Day", hoping it will be a blessing.

85 There will be those old gray-headed mothers, that you're wearing those white flowers for today, that'll see you, and they'll be beautiful, not represented by a pot of flowers, or some picture of an old gray-headed person; but in the likeness and beauty of the resurrection, they'll stand in the likeness of Christ, their celestial bodies, young and beautiful forever. Sure, that's the rest. That's the mother's day that I'm waiting for. That's the coronation. Not the carnation on the lapel, but the coronation of the soul, for God has changed her.

59-0510 Mother's Day

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